Relax, Release, Repeat with the gift of a 45 minute sonic immersion of Sound Healing Gong Meditation at Bloom Transformation Center. Sound Healing Gong Meditation, a form of sound therapy, clears blocked energy within the body that leads to emotional dis-ease and physical disease. Sound Healing restores balance in your body, resulting in emotional and physical wellbeing. Participants can expect to be bathed in sound frequencies that relinquishes intense stress and emotions. You’ll leave with a lighter, calmer presence. No former meditation experience is required. Just show up, get comfortable and the Gong does all the work for you. The sound frequencies know exactly what areas to target in your body for optimal benefit.

Participants Report: reduction in anxiety, improvement in mood, improved focus and clarity, lower blood pressure, disease remission, pain relief, trauma recovery, improved relationships, and so much more.

Guests have multiple comfortable seating options, including yoga mats, chairs and elevated seating with support. Sanitized mats and throw blankets will be available, but as a safety measure for our staff and other guests, we recommend that guests bring their own yoga mats and optional throw covers.

The schedule and registration for ongoing sessions can be found by clicking HERE or visiting Eventbrite.

For Private Group and Off-Site sessions, contact the office to schedule (313) 285-9886

PRIVATE GROUP SESSION (at Bloom Transformation Center) $325

Up to 20 people (1hr 15min time block)

Invite up to 20 friends and family members to come immerse in the healing frequency of Gong Meditation.

For private functions, hosts can bring light refreshments, beverages, wine.

Gong In the Privacy of Your Own Home/Office/Event Setting (within 30 mile radius) – $700

Unlimited number of participants

Let the Gift of Gong Come to You!

Gong Meditation in the Privacy of Your Own Home or Office Setting

In home/office/off-site Gong Meditation Session – 1:30 hr for set up, session and break down.

Nothing is more appealing than self-healing in the comfort of your own home or off sight setting, and BLOOM delivers that with its off-site Gong Meditation experience!

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